Angels are ready to answer all sorts of questions and offer healing in every area of your life. They rarely predict the future, but they will guide you and show the way fro a better future, to unblock your path & vibration, to change your NOW and TOMORROW.  Unblocking the present moment and unstocking vibrations will come with information about the future usually. They know that people and the circumstances around a particular issue can quickly change. What may be true in one moment may not be true in the next because the energies are in constant flux. This is why we can learn to play with the vibrations and make them useful in our own way. They understand that your free will, when coupled with the free of will others, can change your perspective, feelings, thoughts, and outcomes almost instantly. 

Focusing on Healing Vibrations

My work with Angels is to serve as guide, as a source for the information to come to you. They will help you understand the source of your relationship challenges, past and present, and help you to understand and heal the underlying causes. They will assist in bringing more prosperity and abundance into your life with specific tools. 
Angels also love to channel healing energy by directing energy to cleanse and release negative or stuck energy in your chakras or energy centers and then energize these life force centers with positive angelic healing energy. They can revitalize your energy level and teach you to care for your own health – how to become your own healer. They are willing and ready to send energy healing to your family and loved ones as well. It is no coincidence that those who are attracted to Angels seem to be healers and Lightworkers even if they do not consciously acknowledge these gifts within themselves - yet.