Spiritual Coaching-Awakening Mentor

Spiritual COACHING

Session Focus:


Surfing through this life journey, is not an easy task sometimes. Veronica’s Spiritual Coaching Sessions, are design to find your own truth, to re-connect the information to your mind. You know the answers, Veronica’s work is just to serve as a channel for that information to show up. The session is a spiritual communication with your Divine Source, intuitively receiving and transferring to you from your vibrational passages. Veronica activates through high frequency vibration transferred through her energy field and heart/mind intention focused with you. Connecting with your divine sources or sometimes loved ones that passed.

Energy sessions work in partnership with your conscious intent, greater self and divine guidance channels. The amount of energy received and integrated will be aligned to your highest good in this now moment of your personal transformation.

Her intention is to get you to vibrate at your highest potential, switching from old pattern to new, higher and more open vibrations while activating more of your soul potential. She serves from multidimensional connections and uses the ability of remote energy transference to affect your vibrational shifts. This is done intuitively and marries with your personal intention for change.

This type of energetic connection can bring on a natural response of clearing, detoxification and life changes.


Session Assists with:


* Overall empowerment on a vibrational level, liberating emotional blockages.

* Awakening to your reality-patterns-emotional blockages.

* Clearing of blocks, repair and clearing of auric frequency, removal of energetic toxins.

* Re-connective processes reveal the path to a greater self.

* Recalibration of your energy field.

* Vibrational attunement and upgrade.

* Anything else you might need, please discuss with Veronica.


Who is Veronica:


Veronica senses vibrations, frequencies and appreciates them in a perceptual way while giving meaning to those vibrations. She has the hability to raise vibrations, cutting old patterns, bad patterns, or just allowing one to see a new way or path. She connects with her higher consciousness and masters, to bring information needed in order to make changes in a vibrational level. She is greatly influenced by metaphysical understandings, Buddhist principles, shamanic practices, Hinduism & Yoga practice, and the language/Vibration of love & light.